1 2 Prince vol. 1 by Yu Wo

By Yu Wo

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Waaah, I’m getting sexually harassed by a GM! I quickly retreated a few steps and hid behind a tree. Lolidragon snickered. “All right, all right. ” Hearing that, my head sagged forward and I began to tearfully pour out the entire sob story of my disastrous steak encounter. Lolidragon merely laughed heartlessly from the start to the end. What sort of attitude is that? I thought bitterly. Seeing how distressed I was, however, Lolidragon quickly said, “Don’t worry. ” …Then why do I feel that being with you endangers my virtue more than anything else?

Obviously, Lolidragon was the reason for the delay. Under the pretext that no one else was around, she forced me to take off my mask and her eyes immediately turned into two hearts. Lolidragon handed me a mirror after she had looked her fill, and I ended up staring at myself with heart-shaped eyes, just like her. Waaah! Why?! Why?! Why am I so incredibly good-looking? My god! In my entire life, I have only seen two guys so hot that I couldn’t help but sigh over them. The first was that little brother of mine (even I have to admit that he really is very goodlooking, even if his personality is the worst).

Those who met her stare shrank back involuntarily; none were willing to take up the gauntlet as their looks could not compare with hers. Admittedly, Lolidragon really was an extremely rare ultra-beauty… Huh? You want me to describe her? It’s just the usual, with a face more mature and lovely than mine, boobs bigger than mine (and as far as I can tell, bigger than Rose’s), a waist slimmer than mine, legs longer than mine, skin fairer than mine… That type! Waaah! Once again, my self-esteem received a huge blow.

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