1000 auserlesene Schachaufgaben by F. J. Prokop

By F. J. Prokop

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C7 This doesn't have much independent value. Bxc5 in any case. 6 ¤f3 ¥xc5 7 ¥g5 a6 51 XIIIIIIIIY 9rsnl+k+-tr0 9+pwqp+pzpp0 9p+-+psn-+0 9+-vl-+-vL-0 9-+P+-+-+0 9+-sN-+N+-0 9PzPQ+PzPPzP0 9tR-+-mKL+R0 xiiiiiiiiy 8 e4?! This pseudo−aggressive move is a mistake that gives Black's bishop on c5 a long open diagonal to the weak point at f2. Also the d4−square is weakened. See Arlandi,E−Cvitan,O/Pula 2003. Ne4 ideas for Black. However, there are still some active possibilities for Black! d5 9 cxd5 b6!?

If Black plays passively, then he could simply wind up handing over the bishop pair for no tactical or structural compensation. Hence Black must strive to play as actively as possible after 5 Ne2. ¤e4 Adding more pressure to c3. ¥b7 6 a3 ¥e7 7 d5 0-0 8 ¤g3 b5 see Galicek,S−Bernasek,J/Lahucovice 2003. £f6!? Townsend,P−Ward,C/4NCL 2001. 10 b4! The strongest move. White prepares to fianchetto the c1-bishop, so that the queen and bishop point towards g7. Other ideas include: 10 f3 £h4+! 11 g3 £h5 12 e4 f5 and Black can nibble at White's fragile looking centre.

My own view is that 5 e4 is a bit underrated, and we're likely to see a lot more of it in the future. c5 6 a3 (6 e5 cxd4 7 a3 £a5 This virtually forces White into a very unclear exchange sacrifice, after which Black's queen ends up in the corner and Black's king is quite exposed. ¥xc3+ 7 bxc3 d6 8 dxc5? Ward,C− Lezcano,J/Politiken Cup 2001. d6 is the solid option: 6 a3 ¥xc3+ 7 bxc3 e5 8 ¥d3 c5 9 ¤e2 ¤c6 10 d5 ¤e7 Ivanisevic,I−Nisipeanu,L/Istanbul 2003 6 e5 ¤e4 7 ¥d3 7 a3 Asking the question of the Nimzo bishop, but falling even further behind in development.

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