23 Heures (Vampire Story, Tome 4) by David Wellington

By David Wellington

Pour avoir enfreint les règles, Laura Caxton, agent spécialisée dans los angeles traque des vampires, se retrouve incarcérée. Sa felony de haute sécurité devient le théâtre d’un huis clos sanglant lorsque des hordes de morts-vivants au carrier de l. a. tristement célèbre Justinia Malvern l’investissent. Celle-ci a pris en otage Clara, l. a. compagne de Laura, venue lui rendre visite. Si Laura ne se rend pas dans les vingt-trois heures, c’est son amie et amante qui sera sacrifiée…

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He stood his ground as the thing that had emerged from the wall flowed towards him. Something happened to time. Continuity shattered into uneven fragments only loosely connected by memory. It was as though something he'd been looking at without noticing had suddenly leapt into focus. Each instant was a new recognition, a resolution which dismissed all past perceptions as irrelevant errors. For the first time he saw the thing coming towards him. He retreated a step before he could recall his decision, but though he then stood firm he could not bring himself to step back to where— For the first time he saw the thing coming towards him.

You do not understand. You think the Ritual is cruel, but you are wrong. " "It is kind. We are as far beyond human beings in our evolution as human beings are beyond the cattle they slaughter, but we are far kinder to men than they are to the beasts they eat. " "The more fear a cow feels before it dies, the more hormones in its blood and the finer the flavor of its meat. " "Yes. Understand, we Lha are not like human beings, choosing to eat meat when we could remain healthy on a vegetarian diet.

But bizarre though the others were, it was the central figure which caught and held Lozan's eye. Its iron black body was human-seeming except for the many-fingered hands at the ends of its long arms, but it had no head. Instead, directly above the shoulders the neck flared out into a wide flat pedestal on which two figures, one male, one female, were in constant motion: leaping, dancing, touching each other, and making love as though they were independent entities. As Lozan stared, the two tiny figures reached down to the pedestal and each picked up an eye which it held cradled in its arms so as to train it on the arena's center.

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