7 Secrets Of Shiva (The 7 Secret Series, Book 3) by Devdutt Pattanaik

By Devdutt Pattanaik

Smeared with ash, draped in animal cover, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, cranium in hand, withdrawn, with canines for corporation, destroying the area along with his indifference. he's God who the Goddess shall wake up. His identify is Shiva. Locked in his tales, symbols and rituals are the secrets and techniques of our ancestors. This booklet makes an attempt to unencumber seven.

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For many Witches or Pagans, this yearning was always present, perhaps only realised at an age when the notion of spirituality became less ambiguous. For me, there was a sense of “homeyness” in all that I found within the Pagan community. It is difficult now to put words to feelings experienced years ago, almost as hard as pinpointing a specific time when these things occurred. If I were required to consider a general time, I would say that I was eight or nine. While I feel that I have always been a Witch and Pagan (spirit and blood aside, I recently watched a video of me as a toddler chattering about the gods), the time when I felt drawn to naming it was a very significant time for me.

Youth is here and now; it is in these words before you, in the sacrificing of my humility to record my thoughts, philosophy, and spirituality on paper. Youth is forever embedded in the depths of Life’s essence. Gerald Brousseau Gardner (1884–1964) is believed to be the father of modern Wicca and one of the instigators of the renaissance of European Paganism. Part of what he believed as his inherent duty to the Craft was to secure its place in the future as an accessible spirituality and for its traditions to be embraced by the new generation, the youth, so that Witchcraft and its ancient lore would not perish into obscurity.

As Pagans, we reject the dualistic view of the world; therefore, the belief in absolute sources of power for “good” and “evil” are alien to us. The black-and-white philosophy is far too simplistic for the intricacies and complexities of life. To give specific colour to something that is by nature a rainbow is to diminish the opportunity to experience all that life has to show us. To Pagans, life is eternal. It is an ongoing cycle tied to the passages of birth and death. We are urged to speculate and to question the mysteries of this universe so that in turn we may learn, grow, and evolve.

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