75 Chess problems by John Thursby

By John Thursby

From the PREFACE:

it sort of feels to be the customized to assert a number of phrases to the general public, while supplying a suite of Chess difficulties, and this practice I shall presently avail myself of. The stratagems contained during this ebook are a range from the numerous difficulties composed through me, and released over the past six years in all of the major journals and magazines at domestic and in another country.

i don't declare for my difficulties any especial or outstanding profundity, nor do I intend to set myself up as a rival to different Chess authors; yet i feel that any Chess-player who takes the difficulty to seem via my booklet, will find in it entertainment and enjoyment.

i don't fake with the intention to supply tricks on development, or to put down dogmatic principles in challenge artwork.

In end, I should nation that i've got continually been handled with the best courtesy by means of each Chess Editor with whom i've got corresponded, with, I remorse to claim, one remarkable exception.

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J:tb8 activity of the white rook and bishop. h7, while if White castles kingside his were in perfect accordance with gen­ 26 1le31 weakest square is h2. The obvious way eral ideas about how the opening he to prove this is by putting a white had chosen should be played. Unfortu­ 19 . xh6 White can restore the pin next Geronimo! - 'ifu7 mates the black king. Velimirovic seems resigned to giv­ ing back his extra material. igS, seeing that 20 ... fS? allows mate on g7. e3 b6 One of the recurring themes of this book is that an attack always needs the help of pawns at some point.

Xf6 17 "iWe2! opment of the queenside with 8 . b7 9 blocked in (the queen), or off the board Thus if 14 ... ttJc6, Black gets hit by the i.. g2 d5 10 ttJe5 ttJa6 had proved safe (the knight has vanished from c3). xh7+! It's no wonder that Ponomariov \t>xh7 16 ttJg5+ 'it>g8 (16 ... xg5 17 hxg5+ Kramnik encounter. was optimistic under these circum­ �g8 18 "ifu5 comes to the same thing) 9 e4 d5 10 e5! ttJe4 11 i.. d 3 ttJxe3? stances. His plan is clear: a quick . xg5 18 hxg5 f5 19 g6 and will be coupled with the exchange of there is no good way to stop mate on h8.

Tf7 (not 20 ... <;¥txh8? 21 inl7 mate) 21 'iVg6+, but as we soon see, it's better to keep the rook check hanging over Black's head. <;¥;>f7 There is no time for Black to save the bishop on f6, as if 20 . . id4 21 'iVg6! 21 'it'g6+ <;¥te7 22 gxf6+ 18 ... hxg5 The black king loses the only minor The rook on c3 shows it isn't just piece that has tried to protect it. Now bait for the black pawn after 18 ... xg5! hxg5 21 1:tf3+, bishops and rook is clearly lethal. g. 21... g6+ \t>d7 23 �xg7+ 'ike7 24 'iVxf8.

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