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35 TEXbook: 135 136 A TEX intro Canadian spelling Section 5: No math anxiety here! Mathematical accents o^ o o ~o hat o acute o ddot o vec o o o o c abc check o grave o breve o widehat abc o~ o_ o f abc tilde o dot o bar o widetilde abc Binary operators combine two mathematical objects to get another object. Ordinary addition and multiplication, for example, combine two numbers to get another number, and so they are binary operators. When a binary operator such as + or  is typeset, a little extra space is put around it.

Adding spaces to your input has no e ect at all. What if you need a space or some text in the middle of some mathematics? You can insert text by inserting it into an hbox don't worry about the de nition of an hbox for now: hbox : : : . This is particularly 33 A TEX intro Canadian spelling Section 5: No math anxiety here! useful for displayed mathematics. Hence x = y + 1 whenever y = x , 1" can be typeset using $x=y+1 hbox whenever y=x-1$. Note the spaces on either side of the word within the braces.

3 What is question 3? 3a What is question 3a? 3b What is question 3b? " Now take the same paragraph and use it with di erent values of parindent and hsize. Now let's see how to put space between paragraphs. The control word parskip is used to determine how much space is normally left between paragraphs. So if you put parskip = 12 pt at the beginning of your TEX source le, there will be 12 points between paragraphs unless other instructions are given. The control word vskip can be used to insert extra vertical space between paragraphs.

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