A Guide To Chess Endings by Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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KKtl 4. PBS KK1 5. KB7 KiKt4 ch. 6. KtxKt stalemate; or if 3. KB7? KtKt4 ch. 4. KK7 Kttl6. 3 ... R-Ktl 4 P-B4 K-R I S K-B7 Kt-Kt4 ~ h . 6 PxKt. 124 Whitet$prwpwts with bishops I n general a KIP is not so favourable, although it has =me winning charms; but zgtinst a BP oar QntreP the defending knight opemtes at full strength on either side of it, and in wosaquenm usually draws. Whm Black's king is on the far side of the board White has wiraiag chams with an unmoved RP, or anot too backward KIP; but bas charms with B BP w Centre P uniy if it is already far advand.

White quickly to to win, but it is not so m y for his king to get at BIack's pawns, and once again tempo-moves are the decisive factor. , K-Q2 2 K-K4 K-K3 3 P-KKt4 Securing his king's position. 3 ... P-QBJ Prvvcnting White's king entering via may ex* QS. PKBPxP 10. P X P K Q I~i . PKSch. K x P 12. R x P KB5 13. KKt5, and White queens the QRP. If8 ... PxP,Blackrunsoutof tempo-moves, losing the BP, This finesse deprives Black of t e m p movts with his REP. A curious draw White ghys and wins Necessary, for White threatened K-R4 fixing the backward QKtf.

Kt-Kh ch. 5. K-RS K-K3 6. B4 7. ---Kt6 Kt-QS ch. 8. KB7 KQ4. If 3. KB6 KK3 4. KKt6 KQ?. 3 ... Kt-,Kt4 ch. 4 K-B5 If 4. K-,-Q7R,,,,,,-K45 . P,,,,,,,B7(5. PKt4 KQ4) 5.. Kt x P: or if 4. KQ5 KB3. 4 ... 5 p Kt-82 2 MINOR PIECE v. TWO PAWNS Greville, Paris, 1848. j in its heyday, this is, as Kieseriisky remarked, a very interesting ending. -ICt3 Kt-04 ch. ttt the syatelxatic move raws without trouble. Thc king should oppose the most advanced ing thc advance of its then 4 RK5 KtB3 ch. KKG KtR3 7. ; or 4.

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