A Laboratory Guide to Human Physiology by Stuart Fox

By Stuart Fox

The laboratory reviews supplied during this guide enable scholars to get to grips, in a manner that can not be completed by means of lecture and textual content on my own, with many basic strategies of body structure. Clinically-oriented lab routines heighten scholar curiosity and reveal the well-being functions of body structure. each one lab is designed to supply hands-on event in employing physiological ideas, and calls for energetic participation to hold out the strategies and acquire information, in addition to serious considering abilities to respond to the questions on the finish of every workout. The handbook is self-contained, so scholars can organize for the laboratory routines and quizzes with no need to consult the textbook.

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Gently tap each tube to mix the contents and allow the tubes to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes. 5. Set the monochromator (wavelength) dial at 500 nm and standardize the colorimeter, using solution B as the blank. 6. Record the absorbance values of solutions U and S in the chart in the laboratory report. 7. Using Beer’s law formula, calculate the concentration of glucose in the unknown plasma sample and enter the value in the laboratory report. 8. Using graph paper that follows this exercise, draw a graph of absorbance versus glucose concentration (mg/dL).

Cell Function and Biochemical Measurements Text © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2002 6. What is the maximum Rf value that a spot can have? Explain. Test Your Ability to Analyze and Apply Your Knowledge 7. ” What can you conclude about the structure of amino acid “A” compared to the structure of amino acid “B”? 52 Fox: Human Physiology Lab Manual, Ninth Edition 2. Cell Function and Biochemical Measurements © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2002 Text Electrophoresis of Serum Proteins MATERIALS 1. Plastic troughs, buffer chamber, sample applicator, power supply, Sepharose strips (the Sepra Tek System, Gelman), forceps 2.

The colorimeter scale indicates the percent transmittance (%). Since the amount of light that goes into the solution and the amount of light that leaves the solution are known, a ratio of the two indicates the light absorbance (A) of that solution. The colorimeter also includes an absorbance scale. In the following exercises, the absorbance scale will be used rather than the percent transmittance scale because absorbance and concentration are directly proportional to each other. This relationship can be described in a simple formula, where 1 and 2 represent different solutions: Suppose there are four standards.

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