A study of Fischer - Spassky Title Match

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Unlike Shirov, Morozevich, who played with White today, managed to get out of a real scrape. On the sixteenth move Alexander sacrificed a pawn; on the eighteenth move he lost the second one and left a third one under attack. It was a real nightmare! Meanwhile, the white king, the hero of the occasion, seemed to feel himself comfortable on the weakened first rank. When everybody buried Morozevich’s position, he did the impossible: Alexander found a way to transpose the game into a drawn endgame with opposite-colored bishops.

Today he leveled the position while in the past he used to defeat Veselin in the Queen’s Gambit… This draw is another proof of the Champion’s middling performance at the event, which is his first after the London match with Kasparov. Indeed, we all expected more from Kramnik. But he hasn’t met our expectations so far… Express commentary by Garry Kasparov: Stubborn Piket Piket chose a non-agressive solid opening line and it was very risky for me to look for a win. Objectively, the position was close to equal during the entire game and a draw looked logical.

E4? d4 I spent a lot of time here. a5!? Nd3!? Qxb5, but the compensation was not sufficient to give an advantage. Bf4? This is a serious mistake. Bxe5? Rb3 with advantage. Black is missing the light-squared bishop. The e3-pawn is secure and White can improve his position step by step. Bxe5 Re8! White has to think about equalizing. g4 and White will probably have to sac the a4-pawn, I miscalculated in the line mentioned below (see the commentary to move 29). h6! e4 with a complicated position. fxe4 Nb2!

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