A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches by Tyler Kord, William Wegman

By Tyler Kord, William Wegman

Tyler Kord is chef-owner of the lauded No. 7 restaurant and No. 7 Sub shops in big apple. He is also a fabulously neurotic man who directs his energy into careless ruminations on sandwich philosophy, love, self-loathing, pay telephones, getting under the influence of alcohol within the bathe, Tom Cruise, foodstuff ethics, and what it is like having  the names of 2 diversified girls tattooed in your body. Most of these ruminations additionally occur to be  truly excellent recipes, like roast red meat with crispy shallots and smoky French dressing, or a excellent mayonnaise that tastes precisely like pho. [Tyler, you by no means did end writing that fried squid recipe notwithstanding. you recognize that, correct? -Ed.] this can be his first booklet. if you are going to buy it, you could help in making yes it will not be his final.

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In fact, I will probably eat some today! Unfortunately, the wontons in my neighborhood are just the regular, big, floppy Americanized wontons. They are totally delicious, but in Chinatown the wontons are little and made with a mixture of pork and shrimp. My favorite ones, at Wonton Noodle Garden on Mott Street, have big chunks of shrimp mixed with the ground pork, and they make my future children smile. I wanted to put the wonton fillings in a sandwich, so I came up with this pork and shrimp sausage.

Com) Chorizo • Scrambled Eggs • Swiss Cheese • Pickled Jalapeños LAZARO’S REVENGE Makes 4 breakfast sandwiches that you can eat at any time of the day if you don’t have anything better to do Sometimes I wake up feeling like the worst person in the world. More often I go to bed feeling like the worst person in the world. Look, I know that you’re not my therapist. In fact, you are essentially paying me to write this, so if anything, it’s more like I should be your therapist, and in that regard I guess I’m not doing a great job.

You couldn’t tell me the ten best new trees on a single block without missing a truly incredible one that everybody but you loves. So I didn’t print it out and post it on the wall of the shop, but I appreciated it. But just now, as I was about to start writing the recipe, I decided to look at that article again. And then I read the comments, and they are incredible. People in the world are really angry and jealous, and I totally get it because I am often angry and jealous. But some people in the world actually think that other people in the world should care that they are angry and jealous.

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