A Vineyard Odyssey: The Organic Fight to Save Wine from the by John Kiger

By John Kiger

A winery Odyssey is an engaging saga of wine—the trip from vine to bottle—that takes the reader on a travelogue of the various dangers that lie alongside the best way. John Kiger tracks the nefarious denizens of the winery global: the host of bugs, fungi, micro organism, and viruses, in addition to the feathered and bushy critters, that lurk in vineyards. All are in a position to sabotaging a promising classic correct below the nostril of an unsuspecting grower. but instead of responding with poisonous chemical compounds, Kiger explains how an natural method of cultivation can triumph over or not less than comprise them. Highlighting the various risks of nature that lie hidden in any classic, the writer tells the tale of a winegrower and an natural philosophy that publications the once a year fight to coax nice wine from a steep hillside and some thousand vines. Combining heritage, technology, expertise, and private adventure, this booklet vividly brings to existence the hard-fought battles at the back of the wines we savor.

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