Advances in Environmental Research, volume 10 by Justin A. Daniels

By Justin A. Daniels

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A case study of spatial interpolation for environmental data using several interpolation techniques has been given in Section 6. Section 7 gives a brief summary of the chapter and finally, Section 8 presents conclusions from the chapter. 2. CLASSIFICATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL DATA One of the most tedious steps in processing environmental data has been to input the data into a computer system capable of processing spatial data. Today, this is changing fast as the availability of the data is increasing.

Currently the CER price is low due to market uncertainty regarding the lack of clarity of the Protocol post 2012, in tandem with the global economic recession. This low price is also attributed to more supply than demand, especially through Chinese easy wins of HFC 23 projects. Particularly criticism is levelled at HFC 23 projects through which refrigerants are often overproduced in order to sell the credits produced by the capture and destruction of its HFC 23 waste stream. The volume of such credits has the effect of dampening the CER price.

The climate change regime would then be extended to other regions and progressively strengthened. Additional factors Through the interview process, and open ended questions posed, respondents were asked if they felt there were any additional factors that could be acting as barriers to the investment in the CDM in South Africa. These are summarised below. The CDM process requires any industrial CDM project developer to interface with government at a number of crucial points in the process. A number of respondents, who had recently completed CDM projects, felt that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process was a ‗stumbling block‘.

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