Aghora II: Kundalini by Robert E. Svoboda

By Robert E. Svoboda

Ebook 2 of the trilogy explores the kundalini, the strength of forces. Tantra, mantra, the sacred fireplace, chakras and cognizance. Written within the personable kind of Vimalananda's storytelling and recounting of life's episodes we can actually input the invisible geographical regions.

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But there are common threads, one being that the life cycles of girls and women are regarded differently from those of boys and men, even when, as in marriage, they obviously converge. If the reader comes away with the impression that the persons involved are actually constructed by these events, that would be directly in line with the way these lifecycle ceremonies are often described as a class. ” These samskaras are prescribed in Sanskrit texts, but less clearly for girls than boys. Puberty rites for girls tend to be transmitted orally from women to women, not written in any book.

And those who live in the 36 . worship desert or in drought conditions will sprinkle a few drops of precious water on their faces, hands, and feet before beginning their pujas. Those who can afford it always put on fresh clothes in order to pray, the men either in simple traditional dress or contemporary pants and shirts, the women, depending on the region, in their cleanest saris or sets of tunic and pajamas, or blouses, skirts, and veils. Footwear is always taken off before entering a shrine—one symbolically removes the dirt of the outside world and enters the sacred space clean in body and in spirit.

9 Food is the cycling of that reality through all beings, including the gods themselves. No wonder so many Hindu rituals are unabashedly about food, as indicated by the foregrounding of prasada in the very first essay in this volume. 10 Here the gender element surfaces again, for vows are often a women’s activity and often adopted for the benefit of men. Yet as Huyler’s opening essay reminds us, men too can saddle themselves with vows, as in the case of his Tamil computer mechanic. Intriguingly, however, this man’s vow was dedicated to a female divinity.

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