Amazing Spider-Man #643 by Mark Waid

By Mark Waid

Written via Paul Azaceta, Stan Lee, Mark Waid. half 2 of foundation OF THE SPECIES. Plus the SPIDEY SUNDAY characteristic keeps! Rated A

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He removed a small black-and-brown automatic pistol from the gun belt’s holster. Embossed on the grip was a tiny five-pointed star. The pistol looked surprisingly light for something made of metal, something so lethal. He removed his beret and placed it carefully on the pillow of his cot. Then he raised the pistol to his temple and pulled the trigger. The sound, in such a confined space, was deafening. CHAPTER 1 WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS, OCTOBER 200- The low, rolling, thickly wooded hills of western Massachusetts passed by the windows of Benjamin’s car.

They were a kind of comfort—even though the ache he felt when he thought about his parents, about their sudden, violent erasure from this world … that ache knew no comfort. Finally Benjamin found the exit, and thirty minutes later he sat at the end of a narrow, winding road, facing the Foundation’s formidable entrance. Nestled in a natural bowl of small, rounded hills, the Foundation was separated—or perhaps protected was a better word—from the outside world by acres of woods. The nearest settlement was a good half-hour drive away; even the summer mansions Benjamin had passed seemed vulnerable and déclassé by comparison.

He was carrying a small black briefcase in one hand. ” Benjamin had asked, sipping the coffee. “I just glanced in yesterday, before you arrived. ” “Exactly,” Wolfe had said. ” When they’d reached Jeremy’s doorway, Wolfe had stopped and examined the space where the door met the jamb. Finding what he was looking for—a small, transparent piece of tape—he’d ripped it from the jamb before unlocking the door and ushering Benjamin into the room. It was furnished almost identically to Benjamin’s room: bed, nightstand, mahogany secretary-bookcase, small round tables, a cherry chifforobe-armoire.

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