Analyzing Organizational Behaviour by Dr Mike Smith (eds.)

By Dr Mike Smith (eds.)

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Using a fairly standard personality test it is possible to guide or select individuals to specific jobs. Second, they emphasize the fact that a management team needs a variety of styles if it is going to work - for example a management team where everyone is either a 'shaper' or a 'plant' would be disastrous. It suggests that perhaps our unit of analysis should not be an individual manager but rather a management team. Implications for Management Training As Chapters 3 and 4 show, the analyses of management jobs have clear implications for the selection and training of managers.

For example, some French investigators have produced fairly convincing evidence that very eminent sportsmen, medics and soldiers te nd to be born under certain astrological configurations. This trend is very weak and is only apparent when large sam pies of very eminent people are used. The trend is almost certainly too weak to be used in practical selection situations. There are also two non-mystical explanations for a weak trend. First, the season of birth may be a factor: winter babies may have rather different experiences to summer babies during the first important months of their lives.

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