Anatoly Karpov - His Road to the World Championship by Mikhail Botvinnik

By Mikhail Botvinnik

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Again forced. After 21 Q xN P-Q5 ! 22 B X QP N-B7! 23 Q x N R xB 24 B-K4 R(Q5)-Ql 25 B xRP + K-Rl 26 B-Q3 Q x KP Black would have a winning posicion. Q X KP! 21 . • . 22 P x N I n chis sharp posicion, Whice could have made his opponent's cask most difficulc by 22 P-KN3 ! (suggesced by Tai) 22 . . P-QS 23 P xN Q xQNP 24 Q-K2! 24 R-R3 Q x NP 22 Q--QS 23 N--Q3 Passively played. 24 N-B5 was sharper, when after 24 . . P-R6 25 N x P, or 24 . . B XN 25 P x B, Whice's chances were probably better chan in the actual game.

17 . . Q x BP If Black avoids winning the pawns by 17 . . N-B3, then a her 1 8 P-B3 KR-Kl 1 9 QR-Ql he has no compensation for White's posi­ tional adva11tage. 18 N-Q4 Q x NP Q-B7 20 N-B5 19 QR-N l 2 1 QR K l Q-B6 - KARPOV-POLUCA YEVSKY. 6TH CAME 17 2 1 KR-K l , leaving the queen's rook i n i t s acrive posirion, was prob­ ably stronger. N-B4 21 . . After 2 1 . . Q-B3 22 N xQP Q xQ 23 P x Q White has the berter endgame, as Black's QNP is doomed. But Black could have mobilized his queen's rook by 2 1 .

20 N-R3 Here 20 . P-K4 21 P-B5! N-R5 22 Q-B2 again loses a piece. B-B7 23 N-82 N-K5 21 Q-N3 KR-Q l ! 24 R-Q2 B xN 22 N x N I t would have been dangerous to play 24 . P-K4 2 5 N-Q3! (25 . . P xP 26 Q xN). 25 B-Q4 25 R x R+ R xR 26 R-QB 1 seems to be more cautious, since 26 . . R-Q7 fails to 27 B-B3 R-K7 28 B-B4. 25 P-N3 Karpov avoids complications, and perhaps wrongly, since at this point, with White's QR still out of play, he had the chance to make an active advance in the centre by 25 . . P-K4.

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