Ancient Greece (Grades 4-8) by Sean Price

By Sean Price

An entire source jam-packed with history details, Cross-Curricular actions and video games, Library and net hyperlinks, paintings tasks, & a Play comprises Poster-Map!Bring the wealthy tradition of historic Greece into your lecture room (and stimulate scholar studying) with attractive actions and video games that contain enjoyable and significant pondering! scholars develop into specialists on historic Greece as they play a polis technique online game, argue a case in an Athenian trial, map out historical websites alongside the Aegean coast, enact a scene from Antigone, try-on Golden Age models, and masses extra! Plus a full-color map of old Greece.

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Write their suggestions on the chalkboard. How do their morals compare to the one traditionally given? 3 Pass out copies of page 37. Explain to students that they will complete each modern-day fable in their own words. They can write as much or as little as they want. Encourage them to be as funny and original as possible. However, their fable must have a point, and they should be able to explain its moral. 4 Invite students to come up with their own fables. Aesop often used animals as his main characters because they were familiar to ancient Greeks.

And this, as one grows old, teaches judgement. THE END 54 Making Masks h Greek drama relied on few props, but all characters wore costumes. In ancient Greece, actors covered their head and face with masks that were often quite elaborate. For this production, your students can create and use handheld masks. MATERIALS sturdy white paper tape scissors colored markers rulers or sticks about one foot long [For each character in the play you will need one wooden ruler or stick and one piece of sturdy white paper.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Matching 1. F; 2. C; 3. A; 4. E; 5. G; 6. B; 7. D 56 Name _________________________________________________ Date __________________ The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Ancient Momuments Use the map below and an encyclopedia or other resource to help you unscramble the names of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Then match the name with the descriptive paragraph below. Black Sea EUROPE Ancient Greece © Sean Stewart Price, Scholastic Teaching Resources Byzantium Seven Wonders of the Ancient World GREECE Aegean Sea Olympia Sparta Athens ASIA MINOR TURKEY Ephesus assus rn lica Ha Rhodes Cyprus Crete Euphrates River Damascus Jerusalem Mediterranean Sea AFRICA Babylon Alexandria EGYPT Nile River Giza Word Scramble Use the map to help you figure out the last word in each phrase: the location of the Wonder.

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