Animal Migration (Animal Behavior) by Gretel H. Schueller

By Gretel H. Schueller

Migration is likely one of the such a lot attention-grabbing and dramatic of all animal behaviors. From bugs and birds to reindeer and massive whales, many animals fly, swim, stroll, or even hitchhike looking for larger meals, milder weather, or compatible mate. a few go complete oceans; a couple of even circle the globe. those marathon trips animals take are jam-packed with nice assessments of actual energy and endurance--as good as threat and infrequently demise. In Animal Migration, study why animals are forced emigrate and many of the styles and cycles in their migrations.

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The newly pregnant females will leave first, followed by the males and other young whales. The mothers with their young calves will leave last. This gives the calves as much swimmers 39 time as possible to bulk up for the trip. Spring is a key season for whale watchers to see this journey along the California coast. Amazingly, these animals that were once hunted to the brink of extinction appear friendly to humans. The journey home is challenging. The whales are on their last energy reserves, and some are caring for inexperienced young.

During the dry season, wildebeest move into woodlands, which have more dependable water sources. There, they begin mating. Thousands of territorial bulls (male wildebeest) round up the cows (female wildebeest). Each male tries to breed with as many females as possible. These animals breed in one massive synchronized event, which happens around a full moon. Approximately 90% of all females become pregnant. About eight months later, all of the calves are born at about the same time. walkers 4 Trudging north, many wildebeest will reach the northern grassy plains of the Serengeti.

Researchers still don’t know why great white sharks migrate so far from their coastal feeding grounds. They might do it so they 36 AnimAl migrAtion can mate with unrelated great white sharks, but no one knows for sure. How did this shark—named Nicole by researchers—know where she was going? What led her back to the same bay in which she was originally tagged? Sharks are sensitive to dim light. Some researchers think they may use visual cues, such as the location of the sun or moon, to navigate.

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