Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula, 1976-1991) by Kim Newman

By Kim Newman

DRACULA involves ny: Kim Newman returns to 1 of the nice bestselling vampire stories of the trendy period. thought of alongside I Am Legend and Interview with theVampire as one in every of the stand-out vampire tales of the final century - this brand-new novel is the 1st in over a decade from the notable and influential Anno Dracula series.

Newman’s darkish and impish story starts off with a unmarried query: What if Dracula had survived his encounters with Bram Stoker’s Dr. John Seward and enslaved Victorian England?

Fallen from grace and pushed from the British Empire in past instalments, Dracula turns out long past. A relic of the prior. but, whilst vampire boy Johnny Alucard descends upon the USA, stalking the streets of recent York and Hollywood, haunting the lives of the wealthy and well-known, from Sid and Nancy to Andy Warhol, Orson Welles, and Francis Ford Coppola, sinking his fangs ever deeper into the zeitgeist of 1980s America, it turns out the prior will not be lifeless finally.

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