Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunter, Book 4) by Nalini Singh

By Nalini Singh

Attempting to observe the identification of a homicide sufferer brings jointly the vampire Dmitri and a hunter for the Guild, Honor. and because the ugly murders proceed, a deadly sensuality explodes among them.

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His mouth captured mine and I melted into his embrace, quaking from his sudden and gentle conquering of my lips. Our kisses were tentative. Butterfly wings. Soap bubbles. Angel feathers. Then I dipped my tongue inside his mouth. He sucked on it, causing hot desire to roar through me. Lust backdraft. He gathered me closer still, holding me tight as his tongue warred with mine. My hands delved into his loose hair and I tugged, desperate as one of those television housewives. I wanted more, so much more than this—I wanted Lorcan.

Surprised, I faced him. We stared at each other for a long moment. His eyes shifted from silver to dark gray, his pupils contracting. Then he blinked and all I saw in his soulful gaze was yearning. He cupped my face, hesitant. We had no real breath, no dance of pulses, and no frantic thud of heartbeats. But desire existed all the same. I could keep the past between us. Yes, I could use it like a wedge to keep us apart. Just like he was doing. Instead, I closed the gap between our lips. His mouth captured mine and I melted into his embrace, quaking from his sudden and gentle conquering of my lips.

I was still getting used to him popping in and out of places. I got up from the bed and we replaced the bedding. " "You are welcome. I must return to my own sleeping quarters," he said regretfully. " He was astute. Or he was in my mind again. "Damian told me he wants me to find Nefertiti so he can kill her. " Lorcan sat on the cot and patted it. "We all care about Johnny. " He took my hand and wound his fingers through mine. "You must not think badly of Damian. " "I know. Nefertiti captured his sister.

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